How to Use Inline Spinners to Catch Lots of Fishes

Each fisherman has its own secret lure to attract the fish and try to catch as much as possible. It is something that gets discovered along the way, but inline spinners are very popular because they have proven their quality and the power to attract lots of fish.

Inline spinners are particularly effective when fishing a bass. There are lots of different designs, colors, and sizes, but the principle it works on is the same and it will give you the same result – catching lots of fish.

Using Inline Spinner for Large School of Fishes

How it looks like

The inline spinner is usually small and it has the same set of components. There are various designs that can be found on the market, all kinds of colors and you can simply choose the one you prefer, you can even create one yourself. However, the principle of making an inline spinner is the same. It contains:

  • a wire shaft
  • alloy body
  • a hook at the end
  • a spinner in the front
  • a loop used to tie a line

The spinner blade causes vibrations in the water and attracts the fish to come. It is the main effect it causes and it is the only effect you need because this alone can create a buzz and help you prove yourself as a successful fisherman and go back home with a prize.

The methods for inner spinner use

There are two methods fisherman implement to catch the fish with the inline spinner:

  1. straight retrieve
  2. stop and go

No matter which method you prefer, it is almost guaranteed that you will catch plenty fished. When fishing a bass, there is one very efficient way to use the inline spinner – using 2 rods.

Place a real minnow on one and an inline spinner to the other. This way bass will think that another fish is trying to take his meal and it will provoke him to strike. He will then swallow the spinner and all you have to do it to pull it out.

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Surprise tactic

Experienced fishermen always have some secret up in their sleeve. They don’t use the same lures all the time. Some are for special occasions and since fish are not used to seeing them, they are more likely to eat it.

Use this surprise tactic and change the lures, so that the fish gets surprised and come closer. The different colors can look attractive in the water and resemble a fish. There are all kinds of designs, try out few and see which one gives you the best results.

At the end, it is important to say that there are no magic hooks. There are simply some slow days when it’s hard to catch even a couple of fish and then there are days when you won’t believe your luck.

However, the inline spinner will definitely work to your benefit and increase your chances of attracting lots of them.…

Everything that You Need to Know About Spinner Fishing

About Us

Spinner fishing is all about using the right technique and having a clear idea of the fish varieties that you can be successful at fishing. Fish varieties that are available during the winters are the best for spinner fishing. If you want to be good at spinner fishing, try having a good idea of the techniques used in this procedure.

A lure can be defined as anything that is designed to appear as a minuscule fish intended to tempt the larger fish varieties to attack. The market these days is packed with different varieties of lures made of plastic, metal, rubber, feathers, and wood. This means that you can easily find a lure for all kinds of sea fishing situations. For many anglers, lure fishing tends to be an exciting activity. This is because lure fishing is about being active constantly, 

Fish Species that Work Great for Spinners

The species that have been pointed out below can all be easily caught by avid anglers using feathers, spinners, jelly lures, plugs, and daylights. These species include:

  • Pollock
  • Mackerel
  • Garfish
  • Bass
  • Wrasse
  • Gurnard
  • Herring
  • Sea Trout
  • Coalfish
  • Sandeel
  • Weever Fish

Here, it is important to note that species like cod feed by hunting on smaller fish, but because they are winter species, they are not best for spinner fishing. Having a clear idea of the best fish species for spinner fishing can help you a lot.

The Seasons and the Species Best for Lure Fishing

casting and retrieving as the fish could attack the lure anytime. This kind of fishing does not require using bait, and thus anglers can go for this type of fishing at short notice.

Lure anglers are found at jetties, rock marks and piers because these are places with deep waters.Lure fishing is not only about using lures for fishing, but it also involves the use of spinners, jellies, plugs, feathers, and daylight. 

It is a summer activity. This is mainly because predatory fish species like Pollock stay in the deeper waters during winter and come to the shallower waters during summer. The same goes for Mackerel as these are migratory fish species.

The Best Fish Species for Spinner Fishing

Other fish varieties perfect for spinner fishing include sandeel shoals, sprat, bass, and wrasse. It is not possible to determine exactly when the summer species start arriving. It would be possible to catch the summer species during late April,

flying fish

and early May is the winters are mild, and the spring is warm.When it comes to the best species that can easily be caught by way of spinner fishing, Mackerel and Trout seem to be the most targeted species for many anglers.

Spinner fishing for trout has always remained a favorite among avid anglers. If used properly, spinners can catch different varieties of fish species. 

best bait for barracuda

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that the technique for a certain fish might not be same for another one. However, if you are aware of the best fish species for spinner fishing, then you might be successful in your endeavor.

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Blue-Water Cruising in a Sea Trawler

Cruising on a trawler is not only very pleasurable and enjoyable. It is also an avenue for you to learn new things, observe things in the marine world, be more knowledgeable about your boat, and learn new skills. Cruising on a trawler can be also challenging especially in your physical and emotional state. blue water sailing

History suggests that blue water cruising can be both gloomy at the same time enjoyable.

To sum it up, cruising is a very fun pastime that you and your family can enjoy. If you are planning to cruise a blue water using a trawler, consider the following situations to guide you in your cruising trip.

Time you need

You have to know first your availability to go out for cruising. Determine if you are only available for a weekend, a couple of weeks, or if you want make it a yearly activity or even do it full time.bluewater boats for sale

Place you want to go

What makes cruising on a trawler more enjoyable is that you are onboard a boat with vast waters around you. You will encounter a number of breathtaking places and destinations as you cruise on the water going to your destination.

But you will need to know how much time you can pledge and the places you want to go for you to know what kind of trawler would be fit for your trip. A good and comfortable trawler will surely make your trip enjoyable from leaving the port to arriving the port of your destination.

How much you can afford

Anything enjoyable will cost you money, and cruising on a trawler is no exception. Aside from your fuel, food and other expenses, you must also separate a fund for the maintenance and improvement of your trawler, as they are also subject for depreciation. But for you to enjoy your trip, you must refrain from thinking the large sum of money you will be spending. Instead think of it as an enjoyable and memorable trip no amount of money can match.

The persons that will be going with you

Usually, water trips are done by families or retired couples that has planned their cruise for months, even years. There are also families that home-school their children while onboard their trawlers, making their children be more appreciative of the wonders of the sea.bluewater yachting

Cruising aboard a trawler is truly a memorable and unforgettable experience. Consider these tips and make your next cruise an adventure of a lifetime.…

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Tips On How To Catch Barracuda From Shore

Barracuda are saltwater fish that are mostly found in tropical and subtropical water all around the world. Barracuda often feed on just about every type of small fish that across it path. They are very aggressive and can strike very fast at anything that enters their territory.

They possess razor razor-sharp teeth that are well known for their cutting capabilities.  If is not uncommon for a baitfish to be Barracudas are silvery in color with a darkish barred back.  In shallow waters, barracudas can change their bar colors from the almost dark color to a light brown color that help them camouflage in their surrounding sea key

Barracuda can be caught in different sea or ocean environments. Small barracuda, known as Juveniles, are mostly captured around reefs in shallow waters along the coastlines, while the bigger barracuda are often caught around reefs in deep waters. In this article, we are going to look at a few tips that will help you catch barracuda from offshore.

Below are the best three tips you can use to catch barracudas from the shore:

Use great barracuda lures and baits

Barracudas are known for their aggressive nature and can strike on anything. When fishing from offshore, use medium size lures and baits. Medium lure and baits will give them easy time to swallow since most of the barracuda found along the shores are not big in size compared to the ones in deep sea. For successful fishing of barracuda at the shores, use tube lures. They easily attract barracuda and can increase your chances of catching a lot of barracuda.

Use great barracuda tactics

In most cases, barracudas cannot resist the urge to pursue an injured looking fish that is trying to find its way away from the barracuda. The trick here is to use live baitfish or lures that appear to be injured. They will definitely pursue the lure and increase your chances of catching them.

Perfect fishing time

Undoubtedly, the appropriate time to catch Barracuda is right about high tide.  Barracuda will most likely remain in one place and will not concentrate so much on passing fish until the tide changes. High tides normally draws barracudas nearer to shoreline to prey on small baitfish which are moving around tidal areas .It is at this point that you can cast your baits and they will easily strike without the need of moving from one point to another in search of small fish.



sphyraena barracuda

The Best Fishing Tactics for Catching Lots Of Barracuda Fish

fishing gearSphyraena barracuda or the great barracuda also known as the giant barracuda is a popular species of barracuda found in the subtropical ocean and salty tropical around the globe. It is a ray-finned fish commonly known for its cruel behavior, fearsome appearance, and its large size.

During their early stages of life, barracudas tend to live along shallow bays or even near sea shores spots. As they mature and grow big in size, they normally move deep into their respective water bodies where wrecks and coral reefs may be found. In most cases, it is easy to spot barracudas on top of the water as they like to stay on top of the water like logs.

Barracudas usually move very fast over short distances and can easily catch their target prey using their mouth which is full of sharp teeth. Fishing for barracudas may be a challenging task due to their vicious nature, but with good fishing tactics, it is easy to fish lots of barracuda. Below are a few fishing tactics for catching lots of great barracuda.

Understand Where Most Barracudas are Located

The first step towards catching a lot of barracudas is to know exactly where you can find them in large numbers. In most cases, small barracudas are found along the shallow bays or near sea shores of subtropical and tropical oceans. For the great barracudas, you will be forced to move farther into the deep waters where large numbers of barracuda can be found.

Don’t Land Lay Your Fly So Close to the Barracudas

Barracudas are commonly known for their hostile. However, placing any foreign object too close to their nose will make them tense. Unlike other types of fish, barracudas like to ambush their prey and would prefer waiting for them to roll close to them before striking. The best tactic is to place your fly about 20 to 30 feet away from the barracudas and be sure they will strike within the shortest time possible.

Strip Faster

Another great tactic for fishing a lot of barracudas is to strip your hooks very fast. Once you detect that barracuda has touched your line, it is essential that you strip very fast before they know they could be preying on something dangerous. The faster you do it, the higher the chances of catching more barracudas.Barracuda Fishing gear

Take a Bow

Most people who fish barracudas for their first time are often surprised by barracuda’s tendency of jumping out of the water once they are hooked. They also have a very tough mouth with additional sharp and hard teeth that can easily cut your fishing line especially if you are not using fishing wire lines. To counter this reaction, every time the barracuda jumps out of the water, try and bow towards the fish by extending your fishing rods towards the fish.

By doing this, you will release the tension on your fishing line during the jumping as well as when shaking the head. This will prevent the barracuda from cutting your line as well as discouraging you from fishing.
By observing the above barracuda fishing tactics, you will be able to catch a lot of barracuda within the shortest time possible. It is time you get your gears and try them out. Hopefully, you will be able to succeed.…

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Info About Spinner Fishing Guide

If ever you found yourself stuck in your fishing hobby, have yourself a spinner fishing. Spinner fishing is about having a clear understanding about different kinds of fish and using the correct technique to be successful in fishing. The best time for spinner fishing is during winters because there are many different kind of fish.

flying fish

What do I need to know?

The first thing that you need to know is about lure. A lure is anything that is designed to appear as a real fish which has a purpose to attract larger fish. Nowadays, there are many different kind of lures which is made from plastic, metal, rubber, feathers, and wood.


You can easily find lure for all fishing situations. If we try to analyze it, lure fishing is exciting because it constantly retrieve and cast the fish which can attack the lure anytime. You can use angler because you do not need a bait to get one.


You can find lure anglers at jetties, rock marks, and piers because they have deep waters. Aside from luring fishes, it involves the use of spinners, jellies, plugs, feathers, and daylight.


Fishes like pollock, mackerel, garfish, bass, wrasse, gurnard, herring, sea trout, coalfish, sandeel, and weever fish can be easily caught using lure anglers.


Aside from the winter, you can enjoy this because it is applicable in summer. Predatory fish species such as Pollock and migratory fish species such as Mackerel stay in the deeper waters during winter and shallower waters during summer.


Remember, that the Mackerel and Trout seem to be the most targeted species for many anglers.  small spinner


How to catch lots of fish?


One of the best way to attract and to catch fish is the use of inline spinners. Inline spinners are famous because they have proven their quality to attract lots of fish. There are different designs, colors, and sizes but they have the same result.

In order to catch a large amount of fish, you can do the following:

Straight retrieve, or

Stop and go


Whatever method you use, you can catch a fish. If you want to catch a bass, use 2 rods.


Just place a real minnow on one and an inline spinner to the other. The bass will think that the fish will take his meal and it will attack him to strike. He will swallow the spinner and you need to pull it.


How does it looks like?

The inline spinner is small and has the same set of components. There are many different designs and colors and it can be found on the market. You can even create for yourself. The inline spinner consists of: a wire shaft, an alloy body, a hook at the end, a spinner in the front, and a loop used to tie a line.…


Tips to Catch Great Barracuda Fish

Catching Barracuda FishThe great barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda) also known as the giant barracuda is a common species of barracuda fish found in salty tropical and subtropical oceans around the world. It is a ray-finned fish known for its large size, fearsome appearance, and ferocious behavior.

When young, they tend to live in shallow bays and other near shore areas. As they grow big, they tend to move deep into the ocean where reefs and other wrecks are found. You can often spot on top of the water while fishing as they sit on top of the water like logs.

They are usually fast over short distances and can easily prey on their feed of choice using their mouth full of sharp jagged teeth. Fishing for great barracuda may be difficult owing to their ferocious behavior, but with good tips on how to fish them, it exercise might seem a little bit easier. Below are tips on how to catch the barracuda fish.

Know where to get the great barracuda

The first step towards catching great barracudas is to know exactly where to find the fish. Whereas small barracudas can easily be found in shallow bays near the shows of most tropical and subtropical oceans, great barracudas call for farther offshore fishing where any reef system can be found.  Basically, if you fish a lot in tropical waters, you will catch some, whether you were trying to or not.

Use great barracuda lures

In most scenarios, barracuda are readily caught using both bait and lures. They are curious species and will often come over to check anything that enters their territory.

When it comes to the right lures to use on great barracuda, there is no question that the surgical tube lure is the best bane for barracuda fish. Although it functions as an illusion in water, it imitates a needle fish, and its snaking appearance triggers barracudas to strike so fast than anything else, creating higher chances of catching a great barracuda.

Great barracuda baits

Most silvery bait fish like small Bonita, mackerel, and sardines would work because their shiny nature easily attracts great barracudas. You can cast them to spots where great barracudas are likely to be found or slowly troll them behind the boat.

Barracudas often bite their bait from the tail and come back for the rest later. It is therefore advisable not to pull the bait away too early if they do that. Use a single hook through the nose of your bait and a treble hook on the tail to increase your chances of catching the fish without using much bait.

Use the right gears to catch great Barracuda

Great barracudas are large in size and sturdy in nature. They have sharp teeth that can easily bite your line if you are not using wire. It is therefore advisable that you use wire for your fishing lines when fishing for great barracuda.

If you are using lures, a rod of about seven inches and above would be ideal for your fishing line. However, when using baits, you can get away with slightly a short rod for the secure tackling of the fish.…


What are the barracuda fishing lures?

Barracuda is known for its large size and teeth and its very fierce behavior. Their flesh can be even toxic to people because of the prey they consume.

The way they attack is very ferocious, fast and leaves no time for reaction; this is why fishermen feel great pleasure when they succeed to catch this trophy.

 barracuda fishing luresThere are two main lures that experienced fisherman use to catch it: surgical tube lure and barracuda flies. With these two lures, the success is almost guaranteed, but you must develop a technique and what is even more important – be careful because barracudas are the favorite meal of sharks.

Surgical tube lure

This is probably a most effective lure. It creates an illusion of needlefish and it provokes barracuda to strike very fast and hard. You must be ready to react if she eats it. The way of working with surgical tube lure is for everyone different. In time, each fisherman develops his own perfect formula.

There are commercial surgical tubes available and their size is ten to twelve inches long, but some prefer to make one themselves. It needs to be rigged with a belly hock that should be above the tubing center, and a tail hook – 3/0 to 5/0. The effectiveness of this lure is also in the sound it makes.

Barracuda flies

Barracudas love needlefish and these flies imitate their looks in order to provoke them to strike. These are tied with synthetic material of bright colors. It can be wrapped or braided and can be from six to ten inches long.

There are also flies with synthetic fish hair made of an equal amount of blue, green and white tied and overlaid to a 1/0 or a 2/0 hook. The secret is in casting a fly near the barracuda and instantly get it up.

Repeat this several times to agitate the barracuda and provoke it to strike. Be prepared for the fast reaction. It will soon follow.

Make sure you are always cautious when handling a barracuda. Since it has very sharp teeth, you must have gloves on your hands or have a towel somewhere near when trying to free it from the bait.

Barracudas are very curious fish and since they are so unpredictable and dangerous, catching them makes fishing very exciting endeavor. Once you catch your first barracuda, you will be hooked on the feeling of huge thrill.…

Making the Choice of the Best Spinning Rods

Spinning rods that are ultra light tend to be the best spinning rods for spinner fishing. There is something special about the lightweight spinning rods available in the market.

These rods make the spinner fishing experience of an angler more exciting in comparison to regular fishing. Some of the most important factors that you need to consider when looking for the best spinning rods are as follows:


Make sure that the spinning rod that you are choosing is light in its weight. This will help you in feeling the rod as an extension of your arm. You will be able to handle the rod very easily, and this will further improve your accuracy and casting distance. You will also get less tried from casting throughout the day.


It is also important for you to ensure that the spinning rod that you are choosing is as thin as possible. Choose a rod that can slice the air with very little friction.

The Ocean Expert Tips Spinning Rods Large Baracuda Fish Rod


You must have the ability to balance your spinning rod on your finger with the reel being in the real position. Having the right balance will make it easier for you to handle your spinning rod and it will also increase sensitivity and hookups.


Spinning rods are not meant to be very strong, but it is always good to have rods with some backbone. This turns out to be beneficial when hooking large fish varieties.


The sensitivity of a spinning rod is wholly based on qualities or features like action, balance, and lightness. Spinning rod sensitivity is one of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing a spinning rod.